Trafficking of children

In Austria minors and persons of legal age who are victims of human trafficking receive identical support irrespective of their nationality. Every person has equal entitlement to make use of victim protection facilities – regardless of whether they have a migrant background.

The table below provides information on the underage victims covered in the criminal statistics on „Trafficking in Human Beings“ (para.104a Penal Code) and on „Cross-border trafficking for prostitution purposes“ (para. 217 Penal Code) (2014 − 2016):

Year§ 104a StGB§ 217 StGB
20143 (one victim aged between 10-13)2 (> 14 years)
201510 (three victims aged between 10-13)1 (> 14 years)
20166 (one victim aged between 10-13)2 (> 14 years)

The following figure shows suspected cases of child trafficking based on observations and perceptions of the Drehscheibe section of MD 11 − Vienna Youth and Family Office:


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