Number of juveniles in Austrian prisons

Development and structure 

The number of juveniles in Austrian prisons initially declined sharply up to 1988, but rose steeply at the end of the 1980s. The pre-1990 rise can no longer be explained by extension of the age limit (to under 19). A sharp rise in juvenile prisoners in the years following 2001 “compensated” for the decline caused by the new reduction of the age limit (to 18) in 2001. After reaching a high of 259 juveniles in prison in 2004, the number of people aged under 18 in prison in the reporting year 2016 was 149, of whom just 10 were female. This was therefore an increase compared to the previous year (136). Out of all prisoners in 2016, the proportion of juveniles was around 1.7% on the reference date. This development is one of the effects of the interdisciplinary round table – “Juvenile remand – prevention, reduction, enforcement” – appointed in summer 2013.
Up to 2003/2004, out of all imprisoned juveniles, the proportion of aliens rose to more than two thirds and as of the reference date in 2016 was 70.5%.

The breakdown of imprisoned juveniles as of the reference date of 1 September 2016 can be seen from the above graphic; the 10 female juveniles were in Vienna-Josefstadt prison (4), Innsbruck prison (2), Linz (2), Schwarzau (1) and Leoben (1).

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