Family allowance and child care benefit

The child related benefits funded by the Family Burden Equalisation Fund, particularly family allowance and child care benefit (CCB), have greatly contributed towards poverty reduction. Based on EU-SILC data for 2010, Austria’s family oriented anti-poverty policy reduces its child poverty rate by 63 per cent through a combination of family benefits and family-related tax breaks.

The amount of family allowance varies according to the age of the child (as of January 2018):

Age of the childMonthly Amount
From birth114.00 euros
3 years and over121.90 euros
10 years and over141.50 euros
19 years and over165.10 euros
Supplement for a child with a severe disability155.90 euros

At the beginning of September, a school start fee of 100 Euros is paid for each child aged between 6 and 15 years.

If there are several children in a family, sibling supplements are granted:

Children in the familyMonthly Amount
two children7.10 euros each
three children17.40 euros each
four children26.50 euros each
five children32.00 euros each
six children35.70 euros each
seven children and more52 euros for each additional child

Single earners and lone parents are entitled to the single earner / lone parent tax allowance:

  • for one child − 494 euros (per annum)
  • for two children − 669 euros (per annum)
  • for three children − 889 euros (per annum)
  • for each additional child − 220 euros (per annum)

Child care benefit (CCB) is payable at the earliest on the day the child is born. Entitlement to CCB generally does not depend on earlier employment or compulsory insurance. Therefore housewives/househusbands, students, „marginally employed“ persons and freelance employees are also entitled to CCB as long as there is an entitlement to family allowance in respect of the child according to the Family Allowance Act (Familienlastenausgleichsgesetz), the parents live in a common household with the child and a certain annual earnings limit is not exceeded.

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